DVDs, The original Nuke-Proof media

While there is a clear push by service providers to move your media to the cloud, many users still prefer using DVDs to watch their movies, view photos, and even listen to audio; be it music or something more personal. One of the great things about DVDs is that optical media is very resilient. Originally developed to protect data from electromagnetic interference, the modern DVD format provides a cost effective way to share movies, photos, and more with friends in family in a wide variety of devices.

The downside to creating your own DVDs has always been the use of specialized software, and a somewhat lengthy process if you wanted to do any editing or create custom menus. But thanks to Wondershare DVD Creator, that has all changed!

Use your expansive collection of media to create your DVD

Easily share the volumes of videos and pictures you’ve taken on your phone. We tend to use our phones to capture milestones in our lives. Whether it’s a baby’s first word, your first trip on a roller coaster, or watching a friend get married; we collect tons of media on our phones… and leave it there. Wondershare DVD Creator makes it extremely easy for you to quickly edit those videos and pictures into a DVD you can easily share with friends and family.

Making your DVDs look professional has never been easier. Don’t let dated DVD menu templates or a lack there of ruin your DVD experience. Using a custom menu that flows with the theme of your DVD makes you look like a Pro. While it used to be difficult to generate professional looking menus, Wondershare DVD Creator takes the tedium out of creating awesome DVD menus to give your project professional flair.

Do you hate editing? If you’re like most of us, the thought of importing all of your media into a separate video editor that is complicated and expensive is enough to stop your project dead in its tracks. Thankfully you have an option for quick and effective editing… and it’s included in right in the same software you burn your DVD with! Wondershare DVD Creator includes powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use editing. Now you can make the most of your media right as you build your DVD project!

No one has ever said, “Nothing is more fun than waiting hours for a DVD to render.” We’re all used to starting a DVD burning project and not being able to use our PC for a while because it’s a long and seemingly arduous process. If you know you would burn more DVDs if it didn’t take so long, Wondershare DVD Creator is for you! With blazing fast DVD burning speeds, you no longer have to worry about tying up your PC for hours at a time.

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Wondershare DVD Creator Features

  • Put your media to work making awesome DVDs – With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can quickly access your video, photo, and audio files to create amazing DVDs
  • Edit your video without having to use separate software – Simple yet effective built in editing lets you take full control of your project without a steep learning curve or extra expense.
  • Extremely fast DVD burning – Waiting an eternity for your project to burn is a thing of the past with Wondershare DVD Creator.
  • Create professional menus – Wondershare DVD Creator comes packed with pre-built menus that give you a professional looking DVD in minutes.

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Gone are the days of using 3 different programs to create and burn professional looking DVDs! Wondershare DVD Creator gives you the ability to create amazing DVDs in a fraction of the time you’re used to spending. With over 6.5 million copies downloaded, you can be confident you’re getting a great product with excellent support. Start sharing all those videos that are trapped on your phone. Download Wondershare DVD Creator now!